Sunday, 7 June 2015

May Favourites

OoHey guys,

Since it's now June and i haven't written a monthly favoruites in forever! So i decided to do one today for you guys. It's a mix of beauty, fashion and random favourites! Enjoy!

First of all I have the Zoella beauty body lotion. I'm not going to lie I was a tad skeptical about this at first as I am not normally a fan of 'celebrity' endorsed products but seeing as Zoe is a fellow blogger I thought it would be best to support the blogging community and give it a try. It turns out I actually love this product, as a moisturiser it's not the best I have ever tried but it does the job and leaves me smelling very nice. I'm not going to do a full review of this as now that I have tried a few items from the range i am going to do one big blog post all about it!      

I am also loving this Rimmel Nail Polish in the shade 'Peachella'. As the name suggests this is a peachy-pink shade and it's awesome! I only needed two coats to get a full finish and really I could have gotten away with just one. It stays on for a while and I keep finding myself reaching for it over and over again.
This Elizabeth Arden perfume has been my absolute go to throughout May. This is actually my Mums but I stole it from her as she wasn't using it! I like this because it isn't super sweet - it's perfect for the spring and summer as it is light and delicate but it does last as well which is good! It is described as containing elements of Lemon and Jasmine.
A couple of weeks ago my Mum and Dad went away on holiday and left me at home with the dogs and when they came back I was given these, watermelon tictacs! I have no idea why they don't sell these in England but they really should. These taste so good and I am obsessed!
As the warmer months are now upon us I find my makeup not lasting as long and it doesn't normally last long anyway! But I have found that this L'Oreal powder has been helping with that. It's a really nice powder and thankfully it doesn't change the tone of your skin when you apply it either. I use this in my t-zone which is where I tend to get the most oily.

I hope you have an amazing June
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