Wednesday, 8 July 2015

The 1989 Tour - Taylor Swift

Two weeks ago my mum and I went to Manchester to go and see Taylor Swift on the 1989 world tour. Hands down this was the best night of my life. Everything about it was incredible, the sets, the dancers, Taylor!

I think over the years Taylor has been underestimated and although I have always adored her I think a lot of people really fell in love with her when her latest album 1989 hit the shelves. I was sat to the stage and luckily our seats were really good! Vance Joy supported and even though I only knew one of his songs he was amazing and so talented.

At around half past 8, the lights went down and lights started flashing. Dancers were emerging on to the stage and then she appeared. Taylor started with 'Welcome to New York' and i'm not going to spoil the rest of the setlist but all of the songs she performed were incredible but I think my favourites were 'Bad Blood' and the mashup of 'Enchanted' and 'Wildest Dreams' as well as 'You are in love'

Throughout the show Taylor gave some amazing speeches she told us how we are all beautiful and not the opinion of someone who doesn't know you. Texting back four hours later is rude, it's not flirting and your not a failure just because you haven't gotten to where you want to go yet. Taylor is so wise beyond her years and in all honesty if I can be half the person she is when I am 25 that will be an amazing achievement.

I am a huge swiftie so getting the opportunity to go and see her live was the best night of my life so far! Taylors mum was there as well and I am so jealous of everyone who got to meet her! If you are going to one of the other shows on the 1989 tour you will love it, I know I did. ( I also got a tad emotional on the way out but that's not the point haha!)

Thanks for reading xx

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