Thursday, 2 April 2015

Throwback - Favourite childhood films

Back in 2013 when I did 'Blogmas' I wrote a post all about my favourite films during the festive season and I got a few nice comments so I thought I would do one again!

1. First Daughter

First daughter, starring Katie Holmes is all about the President of the USA's daughter and her journey as she goes off to college; the people she meets, new discoveries and finding herself. I love this film because its just so cute and I love the storyline.

2. Life Size

What a classic! This Lindsay Lohan and Tyra Banks phenomenon is probably one of my favourite films of all time. Basically, Tyra Banks plays Eve a doll who magically comes to life and this film is hilarious and just makes me smile everytime I watch it! I especially love the song that Eve sings during the film - watch it on YouTube here.

3. The Lizzie McGuire movie

Again a Disney channel classic! Also, I love the song that Lizzie and Isabella sing in this - anyone sensing a theme here, I absolutely love musical films! In this film we see Lizzie McGuire along with her best friend Gordo go to Rome in Italy for a school trip. However, Lizzie meets Paolo who convinces her that she needs to step in for his former singing partner Isabella. So that was a really bad explanation but trust me this film is incredible.

4. High school musical 3

Another musical! In all honesty I love all the films in this franchise but 'High School Musical 3' is by far my favourite! If you haven't seen this then you must have been living under a rock. The whole trilogy of films follows Troy, Gabriella and their friends as they go through high school life. It's a Disney classic that no one should miss! (plus Zac Efron is in it - so if that doesn't sell it I don't know what will!).

5. Ferris Bueller's day off school

So, I was probably too young to be watching this when I was younger but it was and still is one of my dad's favourite films. But, whenever this was on the telly we would always watch it and I absolutely love it! It's so funny and Matthew Broderick is great in it. I'm rubbish at explaining so i'll just link the trailer - here.

What were your favourite films as a kid?

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