Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Girl Online - Book Review

Pretty much all my life I have been a HUGE bookworm but when it got to GCSE time last year I kind of faded out of reading but in these last six months I have rekindled my love for reading. As my mum knows I am a huge Zoella fan I was so happy to see her book 'Girl Online' as one of my Christmas presents this year and last week I finally got around to reading it!
Girl Online is about an anonymous blogger named Penny - I personally really like this aspect of the book as even though I am not an anonymous blog only one of my friends actually knows about it just like Penny. Penny blogs all about her life with best friend Elliott and she is an aspiring photographer. However, Penny also suffers from anxiety and we see her throughout the book having panic attacks and how she learns to deal with them. I also love that bit because it will help those who do suffer with these problems and it also raises awareness of the problems too!
However, after an embarrassing accident at school which ends up going viral, she soon learns that she and her family (plus Elliot) are being whisked away to New York for a clients wedding. Whilst in the big apple, Penny meets mysterious musician Noah (her inciting incident) the story then follows her developing relationship with Noah and how it affects not only her loved ones but her Blog!
Overall, I really enjoyed this book even thought I am a little bit older than the target audience. There are some parts which aren't really ended and can be a little bit predictable but I don't mind because the storyline is really good! I can't wait for the sequel to arrive and catch up with the characters and see what else is in store for them.
I would recommend this book to all of you - even if you think you won't like it, just give it a go!
Thankyou for reading and let me know if I should do more of these in the future because I really enjoyed writing this!
What are your favourite books?
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