Monday, 19 January 2015

Shopping haul

As you probably know by now I am the biggest shopaholic, for me shopping is almost like therapy and I can't go very long without going shopping. Whether that be online or in stores, so here a few bits and bobs that I picked up a few weeks ago!

First is two Radox bath soaks in 'sleep easy' and 'moisture soak'. I think the reason I love this is because I always remember using this when I was younger and they are really nice bubble baths. I am a huge bath person so I can't really go very long without buying more bath products!
I also bought this MUA lipstick. I've actually given it to my mum now as the colour really didn't suit me at all! But 

I also got the Miss Sporty metallic flip nail varnish in the shade '4262' - Anyone else gutted it doesn't have a name? - as the title suggests it is a metallic varnish and my friend Emma was wearing it and I loved it so much. 

If any of you read Taylor - What Taylor Buys - blog you will know that she is obsessed with this MUA highlighter so I had to try it! And so far I am really enjoying it! So Thankyou Taylor!

Next is this roll neck from Topshop. I got this because I have been loving the roll neck trend and it is so easy to throw on for college.
Finally, I bought these boots from New Look - I love the look of these and how they are slightly edgier than what I would usually go for and they are SO comfortable too!!

Thanks for reading 
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