Sunday, 18 January 2015

Lush Haul

Hello everyone,

As always I was desperate to go to lush to check out the new products and all of their sale items. I absolutely love using lush products because they are always amazing quality and I am never disappointed. I thought I would show you what I got in the sale and other bits and pieces I have picked up over the last few weeks.

Firstly, is the bath bomb Golden Wonder. I have used this before and I am so gutted that this is only out at Christmas. I love this because as it is reacting with the water you can see all the different colours rushing out of the bath bomb making your bath colourful and amazing. Golden wonder also contains orange and cognac oils which make it smell oh so good!

 I originally bought this for mum and ended buying another one for myself because it smells THAT good. This is the candy mountain bubble bar. This pink and glittery bubble bar has the same scent as the classic snow fairy so it is super sweet and almost candy-like.
 I also got the dashing santa bath ballistic. I picked this up due to the amazing orangey smell which makes it so delicious smelling and I am obsessed with fruity scents. But, I also love how super festive this bath bomb is - making you bound to feel uber Christmassy.
 Next, is the Luxury lush pud. I have never bought this before so I am excited to see what its like and I have heard quite a few people raving over it. All I know is that this is supposed to have the same scent as Twilight which is lavender.
I also bought Twilight. I didn't realise that this was the same as the lush pud until I was researching for this post. I have never tried this either but I know its a firm favourite and I love the smell and the actual design of the bath bomb itself.
I hope you enjoyed this mini haul!
Thanks for reading
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