Sunday, 6 July 2014

Non- beauty favourites: June 2014

Hi guys,
Recently I have been really getting into non-beauty favourites posts and videos so its only right that I do one of my own. I also find these really interesting as you get to see all of the hidden gems that you don't normally see in your normal beauty posts and you can get to know the person a bit better.

First off is the Starbucks cup that is reusable and amazing. I've been trying to drink more water as I often get dehydrated and get really bad headaches. But since I've been using this it's definitely encouraged me to drink a lot more, only because I think this cup just looks so cool and I really love it.

I've also been using my JVC noise cancelling headphones. These are really good headphones and they helped me so much when I was revising so that there was no background noise able to distract me. As well as that the sound quality of these is incredible - the music sounds so good and its not sharp or tinny or anything like that.

I probably shouldn't be including this as I haven't yet finished this book. However, You're the one that I want by Giovanna Fletcher ( Wife of Tom from McFly) is an amazing book. I am really enjoying this and investing into the characters. This is the second book of Giovanna's that I've read and I have been impressed by both! I would definitely recommend this to people like me who don't really like complicated plots and love an easy read.

This product has only been available in the UK for a little while (ITS IN THE AMERICAN AISLE AT TESCO!) but I am addicted! The Arizona green tea with Ginseng and Honey is so delicious and refreshing - so it is ideal for a hot summers day.

Next is something that I wouldn't usually go for but I was in Tesco the other week and I spotted these - dried apple. A lot of people have been amused by this as I normally hate anything like this but these are so good! At first the texture is a bit odd but after a piece or two you hardly notice it. I have been loving these in my bag as a quick snack if I get a bit peckish during the day and they are are good for you aswell so its a winner.

As a TV favourite I have gotten into Gavin & Stacey again! I used to watch this all the time about two years ago. But, I was having a bit of a down day recently and decided to watch something funny and this definitely did. Gavin and Stacey is a comedy programme about an Essex boy and Welsh girl who meet over the internet and start talking to each other - they then meet and start a relationship and eventually get married. I love this show as it so so funny and even though i've watched every episode at least ten times it is still funny!

Last but not least are my dogs Reggie and Ronnie. We got the dogs in August last year after they're owner very suddenly died and they were in need of a new home. Since leaving school I have really struggled to adapt to all the changes that are happening and when I've needed a cuddle these two have been great! and they are so cute to look at too! I would definitely tell everyone to get a pet whether its a dog, a cat or any animal as they are so loving and comforting.

So, that's it for my non beauty favourites and I hope you enjoyed it!

Happy Sunday and have a great week!

Love Ellie | Makeup and other junk