Tuesday, 24 June 2014

First impression: Yes to cucumber face wipes


This may be a random product to do a first impressions of as they are face wipes. However, they are a necessity and lots of people use them and there are many different types to choose from. I picked up the Yes to cucumber soothing natural glow facial towelettes from Waitrose as they were on offer. I have now been using these on and off for about a week or so, I thought I would tell you what I think of them.

The wipes themselves are very big I think, which means that they will take off all of your makeup. Also, they smell amazing, just like cucumber as the name would suggest but it is such a refreshing smell and it definitely leaves your skin feeling refreshed which is always nice. Especially with all the hot weather we have been having in England this past week. In terms of removing makeup these wipes are very very good, they remove all of my eye-makeup and I have yet to wake up and find mascara round my eyes when I have used these wipes. The formula of these wipes is very wet so again that makes them very appealing to me as I love any product that is going to leave my skin feeling nourished and refreshed. I really do like these wipes and they definitely do the job well. These are the best wipes I have found so far in the drugstore as I am not willing to buy the MAC ones as they are so super expensive. However, the only query I have with these is that they are meant to bring out the natural glow in my skin which I haven't found and I haven't noticed a difference in that either. Bur, overall I love these wipes and I would really recommend them to everybody! I also really like that these wipes are made from natural ingredients so there are no nasty chemicals in them which is such a bonus.


 I hope you liked this kind of post and I will definitely do more 'First impressions' soon!

Ellie | Makeup and other junk