Monday, 14 July 2014

Best of the nudes

As some of you may know I am quite boring when it comes to lipstick and I really enjoy wearing a nice nude shade on most days. There are so many varieties of nudes available and they are all suitable to different skin tones. As I am very pale some of the lipsticks I am going to show you may not work for you.



                                             (Little mix for collection - Jade's lipstick)

 (Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick - 03)

 (Mac - shygirl)

                                                            (Chanel Rouge Coco Shine - 90 mutine)

Little mix <3 - I really like how this nude is more on the deep side so it looks more daring - for me anyway. The formula of these is pretty good for what you pay for as they are not at all drying on your lips. Ironically they aren't that moisturising either but they do look nice and last a long time too.
Rimmel <3 - I have many of these lipsticks and I always get them for my friends during birthdays and other events because I want to share my love with them. The colour of this is what I would call a classic nude because its not too pale or too dark, I think its perfect. I also love the formula because it is quite nourishing on the lips and the colour payoff is amazing.
MAC <3 - This one is a peachy nude as it has a subtle tone of peachy- apricot. As with all mac lipsticks, this was no disappointment as it is great. I wear this quite a lot and is definitely a staple in my makeup bag.
Chanel <3 - This lipstick is quite a pretty in pink nude. This was such an impulse buy and I do not regret it at all. I love this lipstick and especially the finish as it has such a nice subtle shine that isn't too in your face. I would definitely recommend you to invest in one of these as they are so so good.
I hope you enjoyed this type of post
see you soon <3
Love Ellie <3