Sunday, 20 July 2014

Making memories

I think its really important to savour your memories whether its with family or friends. Throughout the whole of year 11 my teachers and adults around me kept telling us all to enjoy our summer and take as many opportunities as possible. This summer is the last one I get to spend with all my school friends before we go our separate ways to different sixth forms and colleges. I want to make this summer something to remember.

So, for my birthday my friend Hannah bought me this amazing scrapbook from the shop Paperchase. For the last couple of weeks I have been sticking things in here as little keepsakes such as concert tickets, pictures with friends, etc. But, I have been really enjoying it - I know that this is something I will look back on in years to come and have such fond memories of this year. So far this summer has been great I've been to see a few concerts, I went to Barcelona ( I haven't stuck my photos in from that yet). I am also really enjoying the break from revising and not having the pressure of exams on me anymore - it feels like a huge weight has been lifted from my soldiers.

Here is a little snippet of my scrapbook:

You may have noticed that some of the items in my scrapbook have been taken with a polaroid camera. These are great and I think its so nice to have a physical copy of pictures rather than them being held on a phone or computer. The camera I have been using is the Fujifilm instax mini 8. I love the design of this too as it looks great on display on your bedside table. Using a camera like this is also great for making memories as I find this really captures the moment and they make great keepsakes.

I hope you enjoyed this post <3

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