Saturday, 21 June 2014

Disappointing products


I am so happy to tell you that my exams are officially over and I am now free to blog as much as I want and more importantly when I want - and not trying to fit it in with revision. I definitely have not been very consistent with my blog lately and I am so sorry. Those of you who have done major exams know that they pretty much take over your life. I have definitely missed my little corner of the internet and I cant wait to be uploading regularly again.

Anyway, I hate to be the Debbie Downer but I always love to read posts about disappointing products and they really help me to save money and stay clear of the bad ones. I have had my fair share of disappointing products and I normally give them away but for the last few months I have saved them so that I can write this post.

As a bit of a disclaimer, just because I don't particularly like these products doesn't mean that they might not work for you as everybody is different.

First is this Boots Botanics All Bight Cleansing Toner. I was so disappointed with this product  as I really liked the smell of this. But, it literally stung my face to death - it irritated my skin and made it go so super red. I was so gutted that this upset my skin and I was actually quite shocked as I don't normally have sensitive skin.

A lot of you will recognise this as one of the most hyped up beauty items of the year - otherwise known as the Benefit POREfessional. I am so happy that I got this as a sample in Elle magazine and I didn't buy the full size. Simply because I kind of felt that this really didn't work for me and I didn't help my makeup stay on any longer than normal.

I was also disappointed by this nail polish from No7 in the colour Pink Meringue. I had really high hopes for this as they are an extremely popular brand - however I was let down by this. I did apply nicely but you couldn't see the colour at all so I might as well have not worn it. The lasting power of this was very poor I chipped the day after I applied it and overall I would not recommend this at all!

Now, this may seem a bit random as this is a deodorant. Don't get me wrong it did a good job as a deodorant I just really didn't like the smell of it. I really love the Mitchum waterlily and this just smelt a bit weird and off putting but I suppose that is all down to personal taste.

I feel very sad about this product as this is so hyped up. But, the La Roche Posay effacalar duo just didn't do it for me. I don't feel like this made any difference to my skin and actually made my skin quite greasy. I really didn't like this and I am so annoyed because this definitely wasn't cheap!

Finally is this Collection eyeshadow pencil! This is awful - I found this really hard to blend and it also didn't last very long. I then tried putting it in my inner corners of my eye and it just made me look wacky instead of awake and refreshed. But, it was less than five pounds so I guess you do get what you pay for.

So, that's the end of this post and I hope you liked it! It felt very strange to be writing about products I don't like!

See you soon

Ellie xxx | Makeup and other junk