Thursday, 5 June 2014

Current beauty favourites - May 2014


So, I feel like I've been a really bad blogger recently and today I just was really in the mood to write a post so here I am writing a post! I soon realised that I hadn't done a favourites post in a very long time!

So that's what I am going to do today...

First of all, I have the new L'Oreal Miss manga mascara. I love this it is one of the nicest mascaras I've ever used. I really like my eyelashes to look long and separated and this is perfect. It doesn't look clumpy at all and it makes your lashes really stand out. However, the only thing is that it smudges easily so I would definitely recommend the waterproof formula if you have very watery eyes like I do. But, for a drugstore mascara this is pretty darn good!

Next is the Seventeen skin 3 way highlighter. You can use this product to prime your skin, either by using it as a primer before foundation or mixing it with your foundation. I just like mixing this with any of my foundations. This product as such a lovely glow to your face - especially if you have dull skin. I love that it makes you look really healthy and lively.

Another product I have been loving recently is the Real techniques expert face brush. I've actually had this brush for well over a year now but I have recently come to appreciate it. This brush is my go to brush for foundation, I always try different things like the buffing brush or the miracle complexion sponge but I am always drawn back to this. I think its because its quite a dense brush and I can really work the foundation into my skin with this brush. Also, the fact that I have had this for so long and it is practically in the same condition that I bought it in, that is amazing.

I also am obsessed with the new Tanya Burr cosmetics. I have the lipgloss in the shade 'Just Peachy' as you can tell from the name it is a gorgeous peachy pink shade. The formula of these are incredible that are so pigmented and they glide on the lips, they are also not sticky in the slightest. I have to admit that i'm not normally a lipgloss kind of girl but I am in love with this and I can't wait to try out the other shades.

Finally, Is this body lotion from PINK. I have this one called 'sun kissed' and this really smells like holidays and summer which I love and it also really makes me want go to the beach. The quality of this is brilliant it has glitter particles inside that make your skin glow. Now on to the smell, it is the best thing ever - the main two scents are vanilla and coconut which complement each other so much and I would definitely recommend this to anybody!
That is all for my favourites and I hope you liked this!
Lots of love
Ellie | Makeup and other junk