Tuesday, 13 May 2014

My blush collection

Hi guys,
First of all I am so sorry for the lack of posts but exams are getting closer and closer and I really am putting my revision first but today I am having a break so I thought I would write a post! Today I thought that since one of my favourite makeup items to buy is blushers - I have decided to show you lovely lot my blush collection!

First is the Cha Cha tint from Benefit. I actually don't own that many products from benefit but I do love this. I only tend to use it in the summer as it is such a bright Orangey colour. I love the application and you also only need three little dots of it along your cheekbone to create the desired effect.

Next is this Max Factor crème blush in soft pink. This is a very nostalgic product for me as it was the first makeup product I ever owned and I absolutely love it! I love the colour which is a very natural soft pink and it is also really creamy so it blends like a dream!

This blusher is from the brand NYC which I think is such an amazing and I am yet to be disappointed from any of their products. This one is a really natural peachy pink that is great for everyday use if you want a bit of colour on your cheeks so I would definitely recommend this.

These next two are both crème blushers from Topshop - but the one on the left is very sadly discontinued as I never see it in the shops anymore whereas the one on the right called 'flushed' is definitely still available. In general I love these blushers and they are probably my most used ones considering how dirty they are. They are incredibly pigmented which is amazing and they are also really pretty colours too.

These two are from Rimmel - the first one is a crème blush in the shade sunkissed cherry, which I got from the lovely Taylor at what Taylor buys and the second one is a powder blush in the shade Santa rose. I really like these as they are such good quality and I would recommend them to anybody!

Next I have these two from MUA. The one on the left is the One Direction one (DUH!). I love this one as it is a crème blush in stick form so all I do is dab it on the cheek and blend. On the right is a powder blush in 'Candyfloss' I think this is a lovely colour but it doesn't look amazing on my skin tone (which is as pale as you can get).

This is probably one of my favourites! It is 'Rose gold' by Sleek. This is the perfect rose gold blush as the name would suggest. But what I really like is that the gold adds a highlight as well so it is kind of a 2 in 1 product.

Last but not least are these ones from MAC. On the left there is 'Well dressed' which is a lovely peachy colour and on the right is 'dollymix' a very scary looking pink - but really isn't. I don't mind 'well dressed' but its definitely not a favourite but it is nice for a bit of colour on your cheeks. On the other hand, I am in love with 'Dollymix' it has been a firm favourite for over a year now and I don't think it has ever left my makeup bag!

So that's it for today! I hope you enjoyed and thank you for reading.

Love Ellie | Makeup and other junk