Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Skincare - 2014 blogger challenge

Hi guys,

Today is the second post I am doing for the 2014 blogger challenge. From the title the topic this week is skincare. 

I was going to do my skincare routine but I'm not entirely happy with it at the minute, so I thought I would share with you the products I use to keep my skin hydrated in the winter.

So, the first thing I use is the EOS mint lip balm. I use this every day to keep my lips soft and it really does the trick! However in the UK these can be quite hard to get your hands on but amazon is really good for these.

The second thing I love to use is the Indeed Labs Hydraluron. Now this is a bloggers favourite and I can see why. It is amazing, I've never had very dry skin but after using this my skin must have been very dehydrated and this product has sorted all that out!

Next up is my johnsons oil free moisturiser. As well as being great for using before you apply makeup this is also really good at hydrating skin which you really need in these winter months.

Finally is my Soap and glory hand food. This is definitely a cult product for me as in the winter my hands get very dry very easily. So this product is great for keeping them lovely and smooth.

Thanks for reading!

love el xx