Monday, 6 January 2014

Confessions of a beauty blogger

Hi guys,

I thought today I would write a 'Confessions of a beauty blogger'. This is a series of questions that basically is a behind the scenes look at my blog. I thought I would do this as I really love reading these kind of posts. Also, if you have any ideas for future blog posts or any reviews you would like me to do please let me know.

Lets get started....

1. How many hours a week do you spend planning/writing/uploading posts?

The planning usually takes between half an hour and an hour, taking pictures and making sure they look ok. The writing depends normally on what I'm writing.

2. Are you a spender or a saver?

I can be either, I like to save some of my money to either buy something expensive or I can spend it all at once on lots of little things.

3. When is it easier for you to write your posts?

This tends to be on the weekends or when I'm not doing homework. So, I pretty much work on posts when I have a bit of free time on my hands.

4. What makes writing posts comfortable for you?

In all honesty I never know how well a blog post is going to go down until I see the stats. Or if I read some of the comments. Also, the support I get from my friend Emma when she texts me saying 'I loved that post!'.

5. What's your worst makeup/hair habit?

Probably that I always say I will get up that little bit earlier to style my hair and then when it actually comes to it I never do! 

6. What's one quote you wish the world would live by? 

I would say something like: never let anybody judge you the only person worthy of your judgement is yourself and don't  go out of your way to impress someone who isn't worth your time.

7. How long do you spend getting ready?

It depends, normally about 30 minutes on a school day.

8. What's your favourite post on your blog?

Probably, the best friend test I did with Emma. It felt so nice to have one of my 'real life' friends get to see what it is that I love doing so much.

9. Who is a beauty blogger that you think deserves more subscribers than they have?

Well, compared to me she has a lot more 'followers' but Taylor from whattaylorbuys definitely deserves more than what she has! Also, me and Taylor have something very exciting coming up soon for you guys!

10. What's one thing you're excited about this year?

Definitely spending time with my friends in Barcelona and going to parties aswell!

11. What's been your favourite blogging moment?

Definitely when I got nominated for a Liebster award a few weeks ago, I really couldn't believe and I was so shocked but happy at the same time :)

12. How long does it take to prep for a post?

It really depends on what post I'm doing, if I need to take pictures then about an hour to an hour and a half. 

13. Are you wearing jeans/skirt right now or are you wearing pyjama bottoms?

I am wearing pyjama bottoms of course! Comfort is key!

14. What are you most proud of in your life?

At the minute it would say my close friends! We have been through a lot together in the past year and we have always stood by each other whether it's boys, family problems or just a shoulder to cry on I know I can always count on them no matter what!

So that's all for today guys

Thanks for reading 
Love el <3 xxxx