Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Pretty little liars tag!

Hi guys,

So over christmas I wasn't feeling well and I pretty much stayed in bed for 6 days. I was trying to think of something to watch that would keep me entertained. I had seen the first few episodes of pretty little liars and I thought it would be a good time to catch up before it starts up again on tv so that when it comes on I will have an idea about what is going on.

I am very proud that it took me only a week to watch all 45 minute long episodes in a week to say that there are 84 in total!

It's also fair to say that I am now addicted and when i found out there was a tag I just had to do it on my blog!! 

Also if you haven't watched all of the episodes then watch out for spoilers because there may be a few! This tag was made before season 4 started too but I'm going to answer them as what I thought when I saw the show.

Let's get started......

1. Who is your favourite character?

Spencer without a doubt. I love her, I think she gets really good storylines. I also think that Troian Bellisario does such a good job of playing spencer, especially when they she was in Radley!

2. Who do you think is behind the A team? 

I think it's Alison's mum because why would she keep Alison's room the same was it was before she 'died' . I think she has the idea that the four girls are the reason that Alison went missing.

3. Who do you ship? 

SPOBY!!!! (Spencer and Toby), I think they have such a cute relationship when they aren't figuring out clues. Like the time when Toby came back to Rosewood  and he was reunited with Spencer. They've also been through a lot together and you can just tell that they really love each other! 

4. Most memorable/cheesy moment?

For me it was when Ezra was leaving Rosewood high to go and teach at Hollis and Aria ran out onto the carpark to stop him leaving. Even though it was a very cute scene i just think that it was just cheesy!

5. Who is your favourite villain?

Probably Mona, I think that even though before she went to Radley she seemed like a bit of an air head, she is very smart. Janel Parrish also plays Mona extremely well and I can imagine that she is very fun to play.

6. Who do you predict may become a villain? 

I think Mike (Aria's brother) simply because he does seem to have quite. A short temper and he obviously cares about Aria and would want to hurt whoever hurts Aria. Like he was the one who punched Ezra when he found out about his relationship with Aria.

7. Which girl do you think has been hurt the most by A? 

I think this is definitely between Spencer and Emily. I think in season 3 it was definitely spencer. As Toby became A and that caused her to go to Radley and her sister and her sisters relationships have caused a lot of problems for spencer in terms of A, especially with Ian.

8. Which girls style do you like the most? 

I really like Spencer's because I love that sort of preppy style. But for creativity I love Aria because even thought her outfits are amazing, they are pretty crazy! 

9. Which girl are you most like? 

In terms of style I would say Spencer, but personality wise definitely Aria. This is because even though I am single I am very romantic and I love the idea of anything lovey dovey like cuddling Infront of a movie like Aria and Ezra often do.

10. Who is your crush on the show?

I would have to say Toby, those scenes when he has just come out of the shower make me very happy. Also even though he was part of the 'A' team he only did it out of love for Spencer! 

11. Least favourite character of the 4 liars and then overall?

I love all of the liars so I really can't answer that. But overall I really hate Jenna, she is so horrible to the other girls and to be honest i agree with Toby and I like her a lot more before she got her sight back.

12. What has been the most shocking moment?

Definitely in the season 4 mid Halloween episode and Ezra is in Ravenswood in 'A's lair. He can't be A, I think I would act silly cry if he was. 

13. Is Toby really dead?

Even though I know he isn't now. For a moment I thought he was but at the beginning of the episode when it said what happened previously it only shows storylines that are going to be featured in that episode so when I saw Toby in that section I either thought he was still alive or it would be his funeral.

14. What would you do if A was after you?

I would probably act to make it seem like A is bothering me so that they would get bored and Stop harassing me! 

So I hope you liked that and if you haven't seen the show before then please go and watch it! It is seriously so entertaining! 

Bye guys 
Love el xxx