Friday, 20 December 2013 wishlist - Blogmas day 21

Hi guys,

Recently I've been loving a lot of things on the love clothing website. I don't actually own anythig form there but I am hoping to buy some with my christmas money. So I thought I would show you guys just why I like it by doing a wishlist!

I am really loving this website at the minute. The prices are also really good. For example the Arabella daisy jumper is only £24 which in Topshop could be £40 so it is pretty good price wise too!

This is something I have never done before so I hope you like it!

I will link everything below and the numbers are from left to right.

1 - Arabella Daisy jumper grey
2 - Green Tartan Annalee leggings
3 - Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane with gold buckles
4 -  Bellfield acid wash Sherpa parka
5 - Merry Xmas filthy animal jumper

I hope you liked my attempt at a wishlist and if you would like me to do another then let me know!

Thanks for reading
love el xxxx