Friday, 20 December 2013

Gift guide for him - Blogmas day 20!

Aaaaaaaah it's 5 days till christmas!

Hi guys,

The other day I posted a gift guide fore her and I was quite surprised how well it went down and some of you left me some lovely comments which really made my day! 

So today I thought I would do a Gift guide for him. From past experience I know that shopping for boys is a pretty hard task so I'm hoping that you find this helpful.

1. Nike Running shoes - here
2. Topman clothes or a voucher - here
3. Selfridges gift card - here
4. Bastille CD - here
5. Michael Kors watch - here
Football match tickets - here

I actually found this gift guide a lot harder than the one for girls. I guess this really does prove that boys are from another planet and that they are harder to buy presents for.

Nonetheless I hope you enjoyed this and found it a teeny bit helpful.

Thanks for reading!
love el xxxx