Sunday, 10 November 2013

New MAC palette additions❤

Hello everyone,

This post is just going to be and short and sweet one but I just had to tell you that I've finished my mac palette!!

As you may know the other week I put up a post all about my MAC palette. At the time it wasn't full and I had two spaces remaining. But little did I know that about a week later I would complete my palette. So I just though I would tell you which ones i got!

Firstly, is Carbon, this is just a matte black colour. It is very pigmented and so far I have added a bit to the outer corners of my eye for a bit of a smoky effect. I also like to use along the lash line for a bit of subtle liner.

The second one I picked up was Bronze. This is a colour I have heard so many people race about, so I caved in and bought it! It definitely lives up to my expectations. It is the deepest darkest gold shade I've ever come across, it is also extremely pigmented which I love. I have been using this just all across the lid with carbon along the lash line and its such a pretty look which is perfect for this time of year.

I am really proud of my MAC palette because I am only 15 and I really enjoyed picking out all the colours I wanted, as well as arranging them in the order that I think looked good. I also payed for it myself which was a big achievement as the total for this palette was £170 and I'm really rubbish at saving money! But I don't think I'll be starting up my second palette anytime soon!



Thanks for reading❤

Love el xxxx