Sunday, 10 November 2013

Estée Lauder part 2!!!

Hello guys,

A few days ago I posted a review of my Estée Lauder blush and today I am going to be carrying on this  blog post.

Today I am going to do the second part of this part. Enjoy!

Ok, so the second thing I got from Estée Lauder was this eyeshadow trio in the colour 'Beach metals'. 

So far I am really enjoying the colours in this and i think the gold and cranberry tones make it perfect for winter. In this palette there is three colours. The first one is a very simple baby pink with a bit of gold, the only way I can't describe it is that it is pretty much the same colour as Naked Lunch by MAC. The second colour is a medium toned gold which looks so gorgeous on its own which I have done some days. Finally, the last colour is a very deep cranberry colour, ironically very similar to MACs cranberry. 

Personally, I really love this and I have a feeling it will last me a long time as they are so pigmented I hardly need any on my brush which is great because the only shadows I've come across we're they are like that is the MAC ones. Although, even though I love that these eyeshadows are super duper shimmery, some people may not like this as I know that some people don't like to put shimmer through the crease, even thought I love it.

So that's it! I've enjoyed writing these reviews because I feel like I haven't done any in so long!

Thanks for reading  ❤

Love el xxx