Sunday, 20 October 2013

Real Techniques brushes

Hello everyone,

I thought today that I would review something that is very stereotypical of a blogger to do. I am going to be reviewing the very famous 'Real techniques brushes by Samantha Chapman aka one half of pixiwoo!

(I'm really sorry but my camera just wouldn't focus on my brushes and I was starting to get annoyed so this is just a promotional picture I found on google)

Now I don't own all of the brushes but I do have most of them and I love them! I may not use each brush all the time but they are all just so good and soft! Also, they are synthetic so they are really easy to clean and I find that they apply my makeup flawlessly! What more could you want. 

If you have any brushes that you love and think I would like then please tell me in the comments and thanks so much for reading! 

See you all next time 
Love el xxxx