Sunday, 13 October 2013


Hello everyone!

This blog post is going to be about all of my magical firsts! But please don't get confused with the title as this is not about my first time having sex! I think that's a bit too personal plus it hasn't happened yet because I do not have a boyfriend!

Anyway this blog post is going to be about my first experiences of things I suppose - I guess I kind of contradicted myself there but oh well!

I first saw this tag a few months ago on YouTube by Louise from the ever so famous Sprinkle of Glitter. I thought that even though I don't have a youtube channel I would do this tag on my blog instead! I will also leave Louise's video and the end of this post so you can watch her version of this tag too!

1. My first love?
oooh, how romantic! My first boyfriend was called Joe and we went out for about two months when I was 11. I was in year 7 and we didn't really do anything but we are still very good friends and we've just sort of forgotten about it. However, my first love was with a boy called Max who I am actually still in love with and I have loved him pretty much all the way through high school even though he has broken my heart quite a few times I still end up going back to liking him. But we have never acutally 'dated' even though we nearly did but that's a story for another time.

2. My first kiss?
This hasn't actually happened for me yet. As old fashioned as it sounds I want my first kiss to be with someone who I actually like not just when I'm drunk at a party!

3.My first pet?
My first pet was a dog called Jess and she was a west highland white terrier and very cute! I loved her as she was the best dog ever!

4.My first word?
Now this is a bit of an odd one as due to the fact that I couldn't say Mama or mum. I used to call my mum 'mia'. I don't actually know if that was my first word as when I asked my mum and dad they said they didn't know and that it was probably mia! haha.

5.First music I ever bought?
I don't really remember this, but it was probably S club 7 because my Dad told me that ever since I could practically speak I was obsessed with them! I still think they are brilliant and I really want them to do a reunion tour as I would love to see them live!

6. My first concert?
This is probably the uncoolest thing ever! But my first concert was Hillary Duff AKA Lizzie McGuire in Manchester when I was 7. I don't really remember that well but I do remember begging my dad to buy me a glow stick because I thought they looked pretty!

7.First impression of Emma (in Louise's video she does hers of Zoe )?
For those of you who don't know who Emma is, she is my best friend. I have mentioned her a few times before (emma mention). I first met Emma during my first year of high school 4 years ago and even then we just clicked and we are still chums! Due to the fact that she is so small my first thought of her was 'aww what a cutie'. She also has a pea head because she is so small. But I wouldn't change her for the world as she is always there for me when I need a shoulder to cry on so if you're reading this. I love you Emma chumster!

8. My first big purchase?
Seeing as I am only 15 I haven't really bought anything that big. But, so far it is probably my mac palette as that has probably cost me £170 which I suppose is a lot for 15 eyeshadows in a palette but it has taken me a while to fill it up and I still have two more spaces! However me and my mum are splitting the cost of an iPad as a present for my Dad for Christmas as they are pretty expensive.

9.First man I said I love you to?
This was my dad of course because I love him!

10. First gadget I ever had?
I remember this very well as it was a tamogotchi (I'm not sure if that's how you spell it) but I'm pretty sure some of you will know what these were. Basically, it was a little animal and you had to look after it, it was obviously on a screen so it wasn't real but mine died about 3 hours after getting it because I didn't know how to work it.

Louise's video

So, they were a few of my firsts!
I hope you found this interesting as I really enjoyed writing this and being all nostalgic about s club 7!

see you all next time
love el xxx