Thursday, 31 October 2013

I love.....Zoella

Hello everyone,

I hope your all doing well.

Around a year ago or a but more I discovered Zoe Suggs youtube channel AKA Zoella. The first time I ever saw her was when she did a video with Tanya Burr and I thought she seemed really cool and lovely. So, I clicked onto her channel and very quickly began to love her videos.

I love that Zoe doesn't take herself seriously and hasn't got big headed over the success she has had in the past year. I really like her style and if you haven't seen her Autumn lookbook then I highly suggest you check it out below!
When I'm watching Zoe's videos I sort of feel like I am watching my older sister because she gives tips on all the latest and greatest makeup and fashion. I honestly think I can say that she is one of my biggest role models and Zoe also taught me to JUST SAY YES!
Thanks for reading and I hope you didn't find that too cheesy!
Love el xxx