Thursday, 5 September 2013

Its that time again.....September

Hello everyone,

So today is Thursday 5th September and that means that most people are back at school after the summer holidays.

I went back to school yesterday and I am now in year 11 which is quite daunting. I've only been back at school for two days and I am pretty nervous about what is going to happen in my life throughout the next year.

For starters this weekend I am starting to look at colleges/sixth forms so I know which one I would like to go to once I've done my GCSE'S. I think that the A-levels I want to do are media studies, sociology, English language and business studies. Although I'm not sure if I will feel the same way about it in a few months time!

When I was in year 10 I didn't really bother revising as I knew that the mock exams I did weren't going to impact on my final grade. But now that I'm in year 11 it has kind of hit me about how much work I am going to have to do. Which probably means that I probably wont have a social life outside of school anymore.

I have never really been one of those people who stresses out about school, I sort of just like to get it out the way so I don't need to think about it anymore. So, I am hoping that when I do get piled up with work I can come on here and do the thing I love the most at the moment which is blogging!

Since, I first started my blog, which is coming up for 2 months ago in a few weeks, I don't think I really knew how much I was going to love it. A blog had been something I had wanted to do for a while but never really got around to it, but I'm so glad I did. I have found so many amazing blogs which I love reading and I love that there's other people out there who enjoy doing the same things I do!

For example -

 Alice -

I don't know what it is but when I read Alice's blog I just love it - when I look at her posts I know that we have similar taste and I would go for similar things. Also, her blog is just so well put together and looks amazing so please check her out!

 Another person who's blog I really like is Marie-Claire's she also has a YouTube channel and uploads videos quite regularly - I found her videos when Tanya Burr liked one of her videos and she is so so nice and really funny. She does beauty/ fashion videos and reminds me a bit of Zoe Sugg from Zoella .

Even though I don't have time to post everyday, I find myself coming up with more ideas for posts! I just love it so much and I look forward to writing new posts and reading other peoples blogs to see what everyone else is loving at the moment and taking tips from them.

I'm very sorry for that massive amount of rambling I did, I just sat down to write a blog post on the first thing that came to me and once I started typing I just couldn't stop! s

If you managed to read all of this then thank you so much!!!!

see you all next time and please leave comments telling me what you thought!

Love el xxx