Sunday, 29 September 2013

Body shop madness!

Hey guys,

I feel like I have posted quite a few times over this weekend but I'm seriously loving it so much!

Ok, so today I went to a craft fair with my mum, auntie and cousin. There were a few stalls that sold nice things so of course being me I obviously bought some goodies!

Firstly I got this cute little button ring for £3 which is insanely cheap! I just thought that this was quite unique and not something that you see everywhere.

Other than that, there was a lady who ran a Body Shop stall as she works for them and sold them a lot cheaper than in the actual store. She was also trying to promote new products which are out very soon. To earn a bit more money she was doing a tombola which if you don't know is a game where you pay £1 and pick out three raffle tickets and basically you win something if any of your tickets end in a 5 or a 0. Luckily one of my tickets won and I was given a mini version of the seaweed mattifying day cream. Honestly, I had never really heard of this before but I will use it. It doesn't really have a scent but I tried it on the back of my hand it felt really nice.

Another thing I got was a shower gel, 

The 'Green apple pomme verte'. First of all I love ANYTHING that smells of apples, I just love it so much. My favourite shampoo smells of apples and my favourite drink is apple juice. So I am bound to love this!

I also bought this body lotion called 'Indian night jasmine'. I have a bit of an addiction to body lotions and body butters and I have so many. I don't think I will use this very often so I might ask my mum if she would like because it does smell nice.

So, thanks for reading 
I promise I won't do another haul for a while as I have done quite a lot! 

Love el ❤