Thursday, 9 July 2015

Rita Ora for Rimmel...

Now that we are into the summer months I decided my nail polish collection needed a bit of a revamp as I am always driven towards buying dark red wine colours as they are my favourite!

But, I was in Superdrug the other week and the Rita Ora nail varnishes for Rimmel were half price so I picked up two in these colours. Peach Ella as the name would suggest is a peachy pink which is super great for the summer months. 

Tangerine is a very bright orange and I am obsessed with it! I love how summery it looks and I feel like it just brightens up  any outfit! It also looks great on especially if you've got a bit of a tan going on. 

I also really like the formula of these as the brush isn't too thin so you can get a good coverage and you could probably get away with one coat of it. They don't chip too easily either which is helpful as there is nothing worse than chipped nail car sub when you only applied it the day before!

Hope you liked this little review, thanks for reading x

Love El | Makeup and Other Junk