Saturday, 27 September 2014

Let's have a chat

Hi everyone,

As you are aware there has really been a lack of posts on this blog in the last few months and I'm not going to make an excuse and say I've been busy because in all honesty I've not. The only things that have been going on in my life at the minute is that I've recently started my A-levels which so far I am really enjoying but I was feeling very down about it after I got my GCSE results. I didn't get all of the results I hoped for and I didn't get into the sixth form I wanted to go too so that was a bit stressful. But all that is sorted now and I'm really enjoying college so far

But, to be honest I've really been lacking motivation for my blog - I've kind of moved away from beauty and want to do more fashion and lifestyle posts. I feel really mad at myself for neglecting the thing that I once loved. Blogging was such a passion last year and I really miss that buzz I used to get from it - so I'm really going to up my game. 

My blog just isn't where I want it to be at the moment - I really want to get better at  photography and the actual content of my posts. I want my blog to be something that not only people enjoy reading but something that I enjoy writing. I think it's been visible for the past few moths that I've posted because I felt like I had to and the posts have been pretty crap.

I've got lots of ideas for my blog, I'm changing the name so I am going to design a whole new header and layout - so bare with!

Thanks for reading :) I love you all 

El x