Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Huge fashion & beauty haul

Hi guys,

As you may be aware by now I have quite the shopping addiction - so today when my mum offered to take me into town I pretty much jumped at the chance! I also took this as a an opportunity to add a bit of spring into my wardrobe.

Let's get started....

First of all, I bought this tan satchel from Primark for £8, I had seen quite a few people with this so I was super excited to buy it. I also really love the detailing around the bag and I really look forward to using it this spring!

Now I know this isn't the best picture, the next thing I bought from Primark was this floral print cami for £5 - I think this is so cute especially in spring and I really love the floral print.

I also wanted to buy a simple t-shirt just to wear around the house or when I'm revising. So, I picked up this mint green t-shirt that just says Beverley hills on. The material of this is so nice as well because it is extremely soft and comfortable which is great especially as it was only £5!

I bought this really cute purse as well because my other one was starting to look a bit battered and I think this was such a bargain at only £4.

I bought some 'Simple' face wipes as well purely because they are so cheap and so handy to have.

At the minute, I am trying to find a skincare regime that I really like, I wasn't very happy with my old moisturiser as it was a tad greasy and very rich. Therefore, I opted for the Boots Botanics mattifying day cream. I also wanted to try a toner that will inject a bit of brightness into my skin as I really hate dull skin so I got the All bright cleansing toner - also I will definitely report back on these.

I got some frilly socks from Primark and these didn't have a price on but they are definitely much cheaper than Topshops.

I also went to superdug with my Mum and as I was looking at the Sleek stand I was so happy that they finally had the Rose gold blush in stock as everytime I go it is always sold out. I think this is such a gorgeous blush and it is definitely a rose gold colour. I have worn it for the first time today and it looks so pretty on the cheek and makes you look so glowy.

Finally, the last thing I bought was this wire head band that has a really pretty lace pattern. I always used to wear these a couple of years ago, they are so cute and seemed perfect for spring.

So, that was everything I bought - I hope you enjoyed it and I will see you all soon

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