Sunday, 2 February 2014

What i have on my bedside table :)

Hi guys,

Today I thought I should show you what I have next to my bed. Now this is a very different post for me so bare with me!

Ok, so first of all is this Alarm clock. I got this in a gift set for my birthday last year. It definitely does it job well at waking me up because it is just so so loud!.

Next is this room diffuser from Primark. I think it was around the £3 mark but I'm not entirely sure. This smells amazing, its called 'Juice blueberry & Blossom' it definitely lives up to its name as it smells extremely fruity but it isn't too overpowering which I really like.

I also like to keep out whatever perfume I am using currently. At the moment this is Honey by Marc Jacobs which I did a review on which you can find here. I really love this perfume as its not too strong and it has such a beautiful scent.

I also like to keep this Maybelline baby lips which I got from Taylor in our box swap a few weeks ago. I like to keep a good lip balm near me at all times because my lips can get dry very easily.

This is my makeup bag, it is from Ted Baker and I love it so much. Also, if you would like to see an updated 'Whats in my makeup bag' then be sure to leave me a comment.

This is definitely my favourite thing I have, which is my MAC eyeshadows palette. I really only have it out because I think it looks too pretty to be thrown into a drawer where no one can see it.
 The final thing I have is this gorgeous box from paperchase which I got again from Taylor. I love it so much and it looks so nice in my room too!

So that's it for this post.

I hope you liked it!
Thanks for reading

love el xxx