Saturday, 1 February 2014

Let's have a chat!

Hi guys, 

I thought today we could all have a little chat. In all honesty I love these kind of posts because I just spill out everything that's bothering me.

January wasn't really my best month. Nothing really exciting happened, but I sometimes feel like life is going way to quickly I've only got 3 months of school left until I start college which I am so excited about! I had both of my college interviews this month and I am so happy with my final choice! I just want things to slow down a little as only 2 of my friends are going to the same college as me so I want to spend as much time with my other friends as I can!

Apart from that, I've spent a lot of January hearing one of my friends constantly talk about how in love he is with his girlfriend which as lovely as that is, I do have a little soft spot for him which doesn't really help seeing as I have no chance with him anyway but oh well. 

I was also really happy with my mock results. I got an A, 2 B's, 6c's and a D. I didn't really take my mock exams that seriously because I knew they weren't real. But I did come out with some good results. However, now is the chance to turn it all around, my predicted results are 3A's and 7B's which I am determined to get! But even though I will be doing exams I am hoping to keep my posts pretty regular even though that may not happen I hope you guys will understand. 

I am really into motivation at the minute and I am thinking of doing a weekly post about motivation which was inspired by Louise from Sprinkle of glitter but I will be putting my own little spin on it. 

Thanks for reading 

Love el xxxx