Thursday, 20 February 2014


I think that a lot of youtubers/bloggers will have noticed that recently the TMI tag has been floating about a lot recently so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and have a go too!

Now there a lot of questions so let's get down to it......

1.What are you wearing? - A tartan crop top and leggings, both from Topshop

2.Ever been in love? - I thought I was but I wasn't so nope!

3.Ever had a terrible breakup? - no thankfully

4.How tall are you? - I am 5"6

5.How much do you weight? - I'm not saying!

6.Any tattoos? - nope 

7.Any piercings? - nope 

8.OTP? - Oooh, either Spoby (Spencer & Toby from Pretty Little Liars) or Elounor (Eleanor Calder and Louis Tomlinson) or Zerrie (Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik) 

9.Favourite show? - Pretty little liars or The vampire diaries  

10.Favourite bands? - Little mix and One direction!

11.Something you miss? - Being a kid and not worrying about silly things or feeling insecure

12.Favourite song? - At the moment it's either 'You belong with me' by Taylor Swift or 'Move' by Little mix

13.How old are you? - 15, I will be 16 in June

14.Zodiac sign?- Cancer!

15.Quality you look for in a partner? - Kindness, I just would like to be with someone who is genuinely nice.

16.Favourite quote? - I don't know who said it but 'Everything happens for a reason' 

17.Favourite actor? - Zac Efron, I seriously love him!

18.Favourite colours? - mint green

19.Loud music or soft - Loud 

20.Where do you go when you're sad? - My bed 

21.How long does it take you to shower? - it depends but normally about 10 to 20 minutes

22.How long does it take you to get ready? - About an hour 

23.Ever been in a physical fight? - nope and I don't plan on being 

24.Turn on? - Someone who wants to look after you and protect you 

25.Turn off? - boys who think its funny to treat girls like crap

26.The reason why I joined blogger? - to share my thoughts about beauty with people who have the same interests 

27. Worst fears? - death scares me a lot 

28.Last thing that made you cry - When I was in a bad mood because of this boy and a song came on the radio which fit the situation perfectly

29.Last time you said you loved someone? - to my best friend this morning when she went home

30.Meaning behind your Blogger URL? - my mum always tells my to tidy up my makeup off my bed and all my other junk so that's how makeup and other junk was born!

31.Last book you read? - Mad about the boy (Bridget Jones)

32.Currently reading? - I heart Hollywood by Lindsey Kelk

33.Last show you watched? - Pretty little liars

34.Last person you spoke to on the phone? - My mum

35.The relationship between you and the person you last texted? - my best friend Georgia 

36.Favourite food? - sweet n salty popcorn

37.Place you want to visit? - New york

38.Last place you were? - Morrisons 

39.Do you have a crush? - Yes 

40.Last time you kissed someone? - Ages ago! 

41.Last time you was insulted? - Last week probably 

42.Favourite flavour of sweet? - either banana or raspberry 

43.What instruments do you play? - none! 

44.Favourite piece of jewellery? - I have this little bird necklace which is really pretty

45.Last sport you played? - Rounders in PE

46.Last song you sang? - Stay Beautiful by Taylor Swift

47.Favourite chat up line? - Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?

48.Have you ever used them? - no! And I never will!

49.Last time you hung out with someone? - This morning 

50.Who should answer the questions next? - What Taylor Buys and Glitter melody and anybody who wants to! 

So there you have it - I hope you enjoyed it 

Thanks for reading❤️

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