Tuesday, 31 December 2013

HUGE Lush Haul!

Hi guys,

On Friday I went to the sales with one of my friends. We went into lush and they had a half price sale on all of their Christmas products, of course I took advantage of this and went a little crazy so I thought I should share with you all what I bought.

First I got the 'Magic Wand Bubble Bar'. This was half price, the scent is the same as Snow fairy which is a very sweet scent which will people will either love or loathe. I had one of these last year and I love the fact that you can reuse this. The featured ingredient is Bergamot oil which on the lush website says that it is from a citrus fruit similar to an orange.

The next thing I got was the 'Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar'. This again is a bubble bar so all you have to do is crumble it under the tap. I've never used this before so I am excited to see what this does! The scent is also pretty fresh as it contains Sicilian lemon oil.
Next is the 'So White Bath Ballistic' I know that this probably looks like the most boring thing ever but this is one of my favourites of all time! The scent is fresh and sweet which I love and it contains Bergamot oil again, the main scent for this is apple so it really is fresh.
I also decided to get the 'Star Light, Star Bright'  Bath melt which when you touch instantly starts to melt in your hands and gets glitter all over you. I have never actually used any of the bath melts so I am definitely intrigued to what this will be like.

I also got given one of the 'Angel Delight' soaps for free as they only had one left in the shop and because I bought so much they gave it me as a free gift. This is the same scent as snow fairy so you guys are probably sensing that I like this scent....a lot!

The 'Sunnyside Bubble Bar' isn't one of the sale items I bought so this one should be easier to be able to get a hold of. This bubble bar contains Sweet wild orange oil, so this obviously means that it has a citrus scent. I absolutely love anything that smells like oranges and lemons so I'm sure I will love this.

Next thing I bought is the 'Cinders Bath Ballistic' this is definitely a different scent for me to buy as it doesn't have a sweet fruity smell which I normally go for. The scent of this definitely smells of Christmas as it has a smell of orange and cinnamon and I actually really like the scent of this.

I saw the 'Father Christmas' Bath Ballistic and I just had to have it because of how it looks. I personally, think it looks amazing and it smells amazing too. It smells very sweet and how I would imagine Santa to smell if that makes any sense.

'Candy Mountain Bubble Bar' was one of the things I really wanted to buy when I went into lush as I have heard nothing but good things about it. This also smells really good and is again part of snow fairy so I love it already!

The final thing I bought is the 'Godmother soap' I love the smell of this and I am so excited to use this. This is one of the other products in the snow fairy line.

Wow! I didn't realise how much I had bought! But if you managed to read to the end then thank you.

As always
Thanks for reading
Love el xxx