Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Exciting news - Blogmas day 4!

Hello everyone! 

I have some extremely exciting news for you which I am hoping you will like because it is definitely going to improve my blog a lot. 

I am currently in the process of getting a new blog design from Ellie from little vintage teapot. But  for a while I have really been wanting to be able to take better pictures as I have just been using my iphone. Don't get me wrong they do take good pictures but I want my blog do be as good as I can make it because I am very proud of it. 

So in a few weeks, well after christmas all my blog photos will be taken with my blog camera! I have asked for a camera for Chrimbo and tonight my Dad took me to the shop to choose which one I wanted. 

It isn't a Canon as we can't really afford it and I didn't want too much money spending on it. So instead I got the Nikon  something with a load of numbers after it and I am so excited to be able to use it.

I didn't originally plan for this to be today's post as I was going to do the sweater weather tag but I will save that for tommorow!

So as always thanks for reading❤️
I love you ❤️ 
Love el xxxx