Saturday, 28 September 2013

❤Maybelline Baby lips review❤💄

Hi guys!

So I know that everyone has been talking about the new Maybelline baby lips which have only just landed in the UK very recently. Of course I couldn't wait to find them in Boots so I ordered mine online.

I have been using the 'Cherry me' shade for a few weeks now. Obviously, by the name this one is one of their tinted lip balms. 

What I like about these is that because they are so sheer they look great if you just want something very quick and easy which I love! They are also a brilliant size to throw in your bag and they are definitely perfect for school because they are quite subtle. However, I wouldn't recommend these if you have chapped lips because these just give your lips a bit moisture but they don't work miracles. If you are looking for something like that then I would recommend a Burt's bees lip balm or a Carmex one, these are both available at Boots. But, the Baby lips do give you baby lips and leave them feeling soft and gentle!

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Love el xxxx