Saturday, 14 September 2013

Boots and fashion haul

Hello everyone

As I have a blog I obviously have an interest in what other people are buying. So I love doing these type of posts as well as reading them.

I went to Southport today with my Dad and my Grandma. We were only there for an hour or two. Of course I had time to pop into boots and I picked up a few things as they had a buy 1 get 1 half price on all cosmetics. I also went into new look and saw a lot of items to put onto my wish list! 

(Sorry this isn't focused very well)

First of all I bought the Rimmel wake me up foundation in the shade 100 ivory. I got this for Christmas and I loved it but the shade I got was too dark for me so this time I got a lighter colour, so hopefully it will be alright for me this time. 

The next thing I got was the very well known 'Collection lasting perfection' concealer. I had bought this before as well but my mum stole it off me and I never got it back. So, it was time to try again and I am definitely expecting great things from this, seeing as everyone in the beauty world raves about this!!

I also bought the 'Rimmel Stay Blushed' liquid blusher in 004 sun kissed cherry. This caught my eye in boots because I have never really seen that many liquid blushers before. I swatched this on my hand and it looks beautiful so I thought I should give it a try!

My skin has been really bugging me at the minute because I've been getting a lot of breakouts and I'm not sure why? I haven't really changed my diet and the only thing that has changed beauty wise was my foundation which was 'Bourjois healthy mix serum' so I'm pretty sure it's that. I have heard so much about this from Tanya burr and Ruth from a model recommends. The only thing that bothered me was the price which is £13 but it was on offer so why not! And hopefully my skin will clear up.

Finally, I got this top from new look for £17.99. I admit that this photo is rubbish and doesn't do it justice. This top will be perfect for Autumn because it is black but the colourful floral print will give it a pop of colour. I will probably wear this with jeans or legging and a leather jacket.

Well, that's everything so I hope you enjoyed this and have a lovely day!

Love el xx