Thursday, 25 July 2013

Spring....well summer cleaning

As always I was a little late to jump on the wagon and yesterday I finally got round to clearing out all my junk. Thanks to my cleaning I now have 4 full to the brim bin bags ready to go to the skips.

I have always hated the thought of having to throw away lots of things as I'm one of those people that has to keep everything. And trust me I mean everything. For instance I had a shoe box full of makeup I'd bought and hated but instead of throwing it away I would simply put into the box and leave it there. Lets just say I don't have that box anymore. I encourage everyone to have a good old sort out of your bedroom. I can almost guarantee you will feel so much better after and your room will look better too. One rule I had was if I can't remember why I had it or when the last time I used it was then to simply throw it in the bin and move on. My bedroom feels so much cleaner now so I hope I'll be spending much more time in there from now.
However, I couldn't bare to part with my stash of company magazines and the mask of my favourite member of one direction mr Harry Styles 

Thanks for listening to my rambles

Love el xxxx