Sunday, 3 April 2016

Love Tanya - Book Review

Before recieving 'Love Tanya' for Tanya Burr as a gift for Christmas I had never really ventured into reading non-fiction or lifestyle books. However, after reading this I am completely converted to this genre of reading. A book that covers life, health, food and a book that also gives advise without being patronising is something I thought would be a hard find but it definitely hasn't been the case with 'Love Tanya'. You can tell how much effort Tanya has put into the production of the book and every fine detail has been perfected, from the cover, fonts and the pictures inside. One thing I have to say is that even if you are not an avid reader of Tanya's blog or a viewer of her YouTube channel, the book still has the friendly, bubbly bursts of Tanya's personality engraved throughout. My favourite section of the books was the abundance of recipes created by Tanya as they all seem like so much fun to make. I am also a massive fan of the photography as it is clean cut, full of God lighting and overall it is aesthetically pleasing to see. 

I would without a doubt recommend this book to a people of all ages and I hope you enjoyed this little review as I really enjoy writing them.