Sunday, 16 February 2014

High street vs. High end - 2014 Blogger challenge topic 4!

Hi guys,

Today is going to be another post for the 2014 blogger challenge. This time I am going to be discussing High street products against high end products! The opinions I am going to be sharing in the post are entirely my own and if you disagree then that is fine this is just my personal opinion.


I think this is definitely a controversial issue. I love both high end and drugstore foundations. However, I do prefer my high end ones such as the YSL le teinte touché éclat because its a great colour and I find in drugstores to find colours for my very annoying pale skintone.


A lot of you will know that I LOVE my MAC palette to death but I have recently been using my Maybelline colour tattoos and the NYC palette I got from Taylor. If you aren't really that into makeup and you just want a bit of eye-shadow to sweep across your lids then Maybelline and Rimmel are definitely the best as they do some beautiful colours.


I own 3 high end cheek products and I love them all so I would probably have to say high end for this. But I do really love the Topshop crème blushes as they are well formulated and are just beautiful colours.


I have never tried any high end mascaras so for this I would have to say drugstore. This is because they are much cheaper and probably work just as well. I absolutely love every mascara I have tried from Maybelline too!


For this I cant choose. I really do love my MAC and YSL lipsticks as they are amazing but so are the Rimmel Kate moss lipsticks. I just think that they are so luxurious and well formulated.

Overall, I would say that high end isn't always better but it can be, but if I ever want to try something from a high end brand I ALWAYS do my research before buying.

I hope you enjoyed this and thanks for reading

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