Tuesday, 27 August 2013


Hello everyone I hope your all having a lovely day.

I have had a Pinterest account for quite a while but never really did anything with it. This is because when I first got it I didn't have a clue n how to work it an thought it was weird.

So last night I decided to give it another go and I didn't come off it for about 2 hours! That app is so addictive it has everything on it from Beauty tips to meaningful quotes. 

There Is DIY craft things on there too which you could make decorations for your bedroom or your house in general.

It's so great and it definitely has something on it for everyone.

I would recommend it to everyone who reads this because its so addictive and in my opinion I think it's much better than tumblr.

Feel free to follow my Pinterest account which is @elbwilson 

Love el xxxx