Monday, 29 July 2013

Great British Bake off ❤

Here in the UK we only seem to have my favourite programmes on in Autumn/Winter for example I spend all year waiting for the new series of X factor to start and yet again get attached to my favourite contestants. It happened with little mix and One Direction! 

In 2011 me and my Auntie were given tickets to be in the live audience whilst they were filming X factor and its pretty fair to say its one of my favourite days eer. If any of you out there are 'mixers' like myself then I was on the TV week 4 when they sang ET by Katy Perry!

Another one of my favourite programmes is BBC2's 'Great British Bake Off' this is a programme where about 12-16 amateur bakers who compete to be awarded great British baker. They make so much stuff on that show from pastries to petit fois to bread and cakes.

Today me and my mum are visiting one of her friends who has recently had a baby boy - no he's not royal or called George! 

I decided I would try out some baking skills and bake her some blue cupcakes to celebrate. 

I have made orange and lemon cupcakes with blue icing - it's a boy.

I am currently studying food at GCSE and I really love it one of my best friends Chloe is in my class and she makes it so much fun.

I'm sorry for that being a bit boring but I thought that this would help you get to know me better.

Love el xxxx

Ps here are some pics of my bakes